At Harford Community Church, we believe in the church team leadership that we see modeled in the New Testament book of Acts. 
The spiritual direction of our church is guided by Elders, we call Shepherd Leaders.  This team prays and studies the word of God together, all the time seeking to discern the will and plans of God for this local church and the community.
The Steward Leaders work hand in hand with the Shepherd Leaders to administrate, and help move the works and plans of God forward.  The Steward Leaders each provide care and oversight to the ministry which is organized into five areas: Prayer, Journey Inward, Journey Outward, Celebration and Arts, and Infrastructure and Support.


Paul Chan

Steward Leader (Journey Outward)

Paul has a passion for seeing everyone; young and old, people in our local community and all over the world; embracing and building a living relationship with Jesus Christ.  Paul loves to spend his free time with his wife and two children.  He is a veteran with over 20 years of service in the US Navy and now works in the transportation industry.  Paul enjoys traveling, hiking, photography, running, eating tacos, Chinese food, and ice cream, not all at the same time.

Email:  pacochan1@yahoo.com

Holly Fitzpatrick 

Steward Leader (Journey Inward)

Holly Fitzpatrick has been attending Harford Community since 1999, and is delighted to be serving as Steward Leader and overseeing the Inward Journey Team Leaders.  She takes joy in being a part of the hospitality team and you will often see her with a warm and welcoming smile.  Holly works for New Covenant Christian School in Abingdon as an Admin and Marketing Manager and enjoys the creativity in her job and interactions between children and parents.  Holly and her husband, Scott, have two daughters and live in Forest Hill.  She is passionate about strong marriages and likes attending conferences to learn tools to love one another well.  She also appreciates the opportunity to volunteer for Extreme Family Outreach, serve at the local homeless shelter, and attending Bible studies to grow closer to the Lord and connect with other women.  Holly feels her main ministry is teaching her girls about God's love for them.  

Email:  thatsthelife@gmail.com


Scott Fitzpatrick

Shepherd Leader

Scott Fitzpatrick has been attending Harford Community since 1999 and has been serving as Shepherd Leader since 2014.  Scott is an entrepreneur who started and grew his business before selling and now works for the company as a Mobile Electronics Manager.  Scott and his wife, Holly, live in Forest Hill and have two beautiful daughters.  He loves being a youth leader, has lead small groups Bible studies, and plays on the church softball league.  Scott enjoys working behind the scenes yet when needed, will happily step in to complete a task or project if needed.  Scott likes being outdoors, hanging around the campfire, kayaking and camping with his friends and family.

Email:  scottandhollyf@yahoo.com

Allan Gorman

Shepherd Leader (Senior Pastor)

As Senior Pastor of HCC, Allan brings 39 years of passionate ministry experience to his role.  His goal for Sunday messages is to hear someone say, "I understood that, it makes sense."  He loves to see people experiencing real life change because of their faith in Jesus and following of Jesus.  He loves hearing how people are learning to hear from God on their own and follow His direction.  He is celebrating 40 years of marriage to his wife Peggy.  He lives in Forest Hill in the house he and his wife built with their own hands and the help of a boat load of friends back in 1986.  He has two daughters (Noel and Katie), and five grandchildren (Maria, Micah, Kai, Justice, Kessie, and Alexander), and Allan is very grateful they are all living in Maryland within an hour's drive.  He is an Orioles fan, and likes riding his Harley and spending time with his family.  

Email:  allang@harfordcommunity.org


Tom Lantieri

Shepherd Leader

Tom came to understand what a relationship with Jesus was about while attending HCC in 1998.  He married Tara in November of 2000, and together they enjoy meeting with couples for encouragement and for conversation to help make marriage the most it can be.  In August 2021, Tom celebrated 27 years of sobriety and continues to work passionately through the foundation he created when losing his son to an accidental overdose (Brandon Thomas Jones Foundation) to see others recover from life's hurts, habits, and hang-ups.  Together, Tom, an outspoken extrovert, and Tara, the quiet introvert, reside in Havre de Grace and they love to spend time with their family and travel every chance they get to connect with God, each other, and the beauty of God's creation.    

Email:  tomlantieri@gmail.com


Peter Shamberger

Shepherd Leader

Peter Shamberger grew up in a church and family that vibrantly taught the Bible and lived out its principles with grace.  This led Peter to confess the Truth of Jesus as a teenager and begin his service in church as a Sunday school teacher and member of the church's drama team.  Spending time in church also led Peter to meet his wife, Brandi, in 1995.  They met performing on stage and are now raising their 6 children.  Peter is a school teacher who loves family read-aloud time and quiet, relaxing times with his wife.  Peter serves on the Shepherd Team at HCC.  

Email:  theshambergers@verizon.net


Greg Shirk

Shepherd Leader (Pastor of Ministries) & Steward Leader (Celebration & Arts)

As Pastor of Ministries, Greg has over 38 years of varied Christian ministry experience.   He is passionate about helping people discover their own unique God given gifts and talents.  He has a heart to see those who have experienced brokenness and great loss be restored by the amazing, all-enveloping love of God.  He is a living example of a God who redeems, and restores.  Greg lives in Lutherville, MD with his wife, Lorraine, and their dog, Taz.  Greg and Lorraine have been blessed with four beautiful and very talented daughters, Erin, Karli, Kelcie, and Jordan.  Greg has a music and theater background and continues to explore opportunities to use these gifts in the church and beyond.  He loves following the O’s and Ravens, vacations at the beach, getting his hands dirty doing carpentry projects around the house and for others. 

Email:  greg@harfordcommunity.org