Allan Gorman, Senior Pastor
As Senior Pastor of HCC, Allan brings 39 years of passionate ministry experience to his role.  His goal for Sunday messages is to hear someone say, “I understood that, it makes sense.”  He loves to see people experiencing real life change because of their faith in Jesus and following of Jesus.  He loves hearing how people are learning to hear from God on their own and follow His direction.  He is celebrating 40 years of marriage to his wife Peggy.  He lives in Forest Hill in the house he and his wife built with their own hands and the help of a boat load of friends back in 1986.  He has two daughters (Noel and Katie), and 5 five grandchildren (Maria, Micah, Kai, Justice, and Kessie), and Allan is very grateful they are all living in Maryland within an hour’s drive.  He is an Oriole fan, likes riding his Harley, and spending time with his family.