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Praise God wrap up...

Well it's our last day in Roatan and we're heading back to the United States. This early morning some of the team were able to squeeze in a quick visit to go snorkeling at a place within a couple minutes walk of the children's home. They had a great time before coming back to the home and packing up to leave.
Before this trip started, Lisa M. found out each children's favorite Bible verse and had laminated cards made with their favorite Bible verse in English on one side and Spanish on the other. This morning, members of the team were able to personally give those cards to each child. We pray God will bless, encourage, and reaffirm each child with that scripture. We pray the seed that is already planted and spoken to them will continue to grow inside them.
Soon after, we had to say goodbye to all the children, as they were on a short recess from their morning classes. I don't know if the few short minutes of goodbyes are better or worse for both the children and for our team members. There are so many more moments you wish you could compress into a farewell when you come to terms that it's time to go. But you also realize that a long farewell would bring so many more tears.
From the beginning of planning this mission trip, we have stressed amongst the team that building relationships with the children and with the staff has been one of the more important goals of the trip. I thank God for this team that everyone has poured themselves out towards this goal. Some team members have connected with one or two or three children. Some have been gifted to connect with all the children in special ways. We are all thankful for Orsy, Banessa, and their children Orsito and Sharon; we are thankful for Blanca, Frances, and Abi, and for the teachers - they are all incredible people, and they all minister to the children every hour and every day with God's love and persistence. We are thankful to have the privilege to love and serve Orsy and Banessa and all the staff.
I am thankful to God for giving our mission team the strength and power to overcome and learn from the obstacles that were put in our path as we served. There was Tropical Storm Earl; hot and humid weather outside and in tight, enclosed storerooms; figuring out construction problems; hammering and drilling through inches of concrete; fighting bugs; fighting mountains of clothes; and that's not even counting the internal struggles and spiritual battles that each one of us faced within ourselves and overcame by God's fantastic grace.
I am honored and proud and thankful to have served with each and every one of the team. I am blessed to have gotten to know everyone better, and you all have a special place in my heart. I am so much closer to you than before. You have taught me how to love and serve more like Jesus in so many ways. Thank you.
Lastly, thanks to all who financially supported the team and lifted us up with prayer. Many folks helped with suitcases and donations of supplies. We genuinely thank you. This trip couldn't have happened without you.
Praise God for all He has done and will continue to do with the children in Sandy Bay and the people of Roatan!

We made it home...

We finally got into Baltimore today around 1am , we almost missed our flight back because we were talking and joking during our layover that we didn't here them call our flight was boarding. If your old enough to remember Home Alone you might remember the airport scene when the running to the plane ,I bet it looked a little like that. The pilot said that he was going to try to make up time due to the 2 hour delay. I don't know anything about being a pilot ,but thank you for doing your best to get us home a little earlier. After landing we went to baggage claim got our luggage and went our separate ways. After spending 1 week together and doing all the physical work and dealing with the heat and humidity, seeing all that we saw the question that most people would ask is was it worth it ? My answer:ABSOLUTELY YES!!!!! To be the hands and feet of Jesus it was well worth the heat and the time away from family and all the comforts of home. Don't know if anyone has read this and it doesn't really matter, what really matters it that I got to be the hands and feet of Jesus , well at least for 1 week.

Love from Honduras

Sorry it has not been as much blogging but we have been so busy spreading the word of God that usually after nightly devotions we are exhausted and out for the count. I am going to miss all of these children, each has their own story and personality...but are so happy non the less. So glad the stairs are complete, we did art on canvas, learning to play guitars, spa day for the teen girls and just so much more. Before we leave this morning we are going to go snorkeling and then it's time to say good bye to the children and then head to the airport. Pray for safe travels and be prepared for many stories when we arrive home. Love from Honduras.

Day of rest...

Well after 6 days of work on the stairs , we got a day of rest !!!!! Orsy took us to a beautiful beach about 40 min away , so all of us including all 24 children went . We got there and got things straighten up with the kids and hit the water. Beautiful blue green water absolutely so clear you could see fish swimming in the water. There must have been a resort around the area, because the have horse swimming in the water. They also had a 2 story deck off of a long pier, and a lot of the big kids took off to do that. They also had fruit falling from the trees called sea grapes , the kids were eating them all day. Around noon they served lunch to us , followed by more swimming. Around 3pm we left to get ready for church. So we went back to the area where we took the groceries to. The congregation meets at the pastor house about 30 members .  Pastor Marvin asked us to pray over some new followers , then he ask the congregation to pray over us. All in all a very long day.

Praise to the One from whom all things come...

As some of you may know, shortly before leaving for the mission trip I broke my right foot. The enemy didn't want me going on this trip, but I said the him. "I don't think so. That won't stop me. God provided my way and I am agoing." So here I am walking around Roatan with an orthopedic boot on my foot in 85 degree humid weather. Which leads me to Friday's news.
We had the opportunity to go into the community and visit a couple families. Orsy's pastor gave him and Banesa names of church members in need of a visit and food items. We split up into three teams. Our team was Paul C., Bailey, Ryan and myself. On our visit, we were to evaluate clothing needs, converse with the families to find out if there were any other needs, medical etc, in the hopes that the SBLM Greenfield home would have the items in their storehouse that they save for the community.
Our groups interpreter,  Lalani, took us to our first home. The young man we were to meet was not yet at home but his mother and his 2 year old son were there. She told us he would be there soon. She didn't let us in her house but was so gracious to bring out two kitchen chairs for us to sit on.  Her son had spilled oil on his right foot and had a pretty bad burn. He was soon coming back from the clinic. Today was the first day that he was able to walk on his foot.
When he, Dennis, arrived Paul Chan took lead and introduced himself and explained that we were visiting SBLM to help out with things around the orphanage. He told him how we brought a package out of the abundance the Lord provided and asked if we could pray for him. I got out my anointing oil and anointed his foot with the oil and then laid hands on him and prayed over him, with group in agreement in prayer. We gave hugs to him, his momma and his baby boy.
As we were leaving, Bailey saw him bend down and touch his foot. To God be the glory, we believe that foot is healed, in Jesus name.
The next house we went to Paul took lead again and introduced us and presented God's gift.  Lalani looked at me and my boot and explained that the young woman had an issue with her right foot. I just laughed with my hands raised to the Lord. Only he could orchestrate this trip where I was ministering to two people with right foot issues.
Then the young woman told us she also had issues with her eyes and Lalani explained that she also had diabetes. We asked if we could pray over and she was happy for us to do so. I anointed her foot and laid hands on it and prayed over her foot, then anointed her eyes and held her in an embrace as I prayed over her eyes and in Jesus name declared healing from the diabetes and restoration of her eyes sight. We are expecting a report of healing for her too.
What was most beautiful about this trip to the communty was how at first they all were a little uncomfortable with us there but by the time we left they were smiling and seemed much more relaxed. This made my day to see. The last thing we would ever want to do is make people feel uncomfortable or feel less than. I believe God showed up and showed off and we will find out on the other side the impact we made on the community.
Praise to the One from whom all things come.



We went snorkeling today before saying  goodbye to the kids, at a place called Blue Island Divers. Really neat to see all the colorful fish and we saw a 6ft stingray swimming not more than 10 feet from us.The kids said goodbye to us  during their break ,some tears were shead and some address exchanged. Orsy helped load the van and Bansa drove the other van and we where off to the airport. Bianca and Franis made us a carry out breakfast we most of us gobbled up before we even got to the airport. The flight was plesent unfortunately the connecting flight has been delay for 2hrs.So that is where we stand right now.

Heading home...

Well we are waiting here in Houston our flight has been delayed a couple of hours looks like 930 departure. What a trip...we had to say good bye this morning to a great group of God loving people. I will miss every one of those beautiful children. So glad to be heading home though to see my family. 

Delivering groceries...

Another day working on the stairs, we stopped around 3 to take groceries over to some of the less fortunate on the island. We split up into 3 group and took 2 bags of food to 6 different houses . Our first stop was a very young couple , probably in their late teens early twenties, with a baby of 14months. The next family was a single mom of 3 boys aged ranging from 1yrs up to 5 . These families are living an house no bigger than a 10x10 shed no bathroom, they Bath in the ocean. Yet most of them have a strong faith , and are happy just to be together. We all can take a lesson from these people.

Can't believe our time is almost done here...

Just got back from Bojangles . a real treat for the kids and staff. Well God took care of us and the school, we finally finished the steps. Sunday is beach day and church in the evening , we are also meeting up with the families that we have groceries too, because we also have clothes form them. I can not believe tomorrow is our last full day here. 

Lots and lots of rain...

Well it's around 10 pm and we are just winding down from a very busy day . The stairs almost complete, after dealing with tropical depression and lots and lots of rain , we had to take a few steps back and take down the upper land of the steps due to the wood being rotted .

Not figured into our plans. So we fell even more behind , but through Gods Grace he allowed us to almost complete our project. The rest of our group continued to straighten up storage closest and help in the kitchen .The staff here has been very helpful and our meals have been delicious. Can not wait to see what God has plan for us tomorrow.

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