Journey Inward

Steward Leader:  Holly Fitzpatrick

Our relationship with God deepens by developing spiritual disciplines.  Spending time with God by reading his Word (the Bible) and by talking with Him in prayer, and listening for His direction in the everyday ordinary things of life - these are the experiences that connect us with God.  We will find the longer we engage with God, His Holy Spirit will begin working on our attitudes, behaviors and convictions so that we are transformed into the likeness of Jesus.  This isn't an overnight process.  We will be challenged in the deepest parts of who we are to let God control us and build in us His will, purposes, nature, and character.  This will eventually touch every aspect of our lives, including: 
  • How we relate to others
  • How we perceive the world around us and our role in it
  • How we invest our money and time
  • How we deal with conflict and those who disagree with us
  • How we develop our values and core beliefs
  • How we pursue our passion and purpose
Each person is responsible for their own spiritual health.  No one else can force us to grow, mature, or stretch into new things.  That is up to us.  God is calling us forward in life, no matter what our past looks like.  He can and will make good out of everything we've been through if we place it into His hands.  He redeems broken things.  He heals.  What others and the enemy of our souls might have meant for our destruction, God can use for the saving of many lives.  

Your Inward Journey will be supported by the Inward Journey Ministry of the church which designs Small Groups, Bible Study helps, Right Now Media (a gift everyone gets when they connect with HCC - It's like Netflix for Bible Study), Kids Ministry, Teen Ministry, Men's and Women's groups, giving experiences, and spiritual mentors.  

This umbrella of the church encompasses the following ministries:

CROSSWALK Children's Ministry

J-WALKERS Teen Ministry

Home Group Ministry

Men's Ministry

Women's Ministry