Home Groups

Home Groups consist of a small group of people who meet once a week or maybe every other week to share life experiences, support each other, study the Bible or a biblical topic, commit to each other as well as reach out to others not in the home group, and pray for each other.  Beyond that, a group determines for itself how it will operate, what it will study, how its meetings will work, etc.  A home group usually meets in members' homes, much as the early church did, and ordinarily is no larger than 14 persons.  At Harford Community Church, home group leaders have been trained through a series of classes (Getting Connected, Spiritual Growth Habits, and STEPS).  

Home Groups are an integral part of developing your Christian walk.  You are encouraged to check out a few home groups to find the right fit for yourself.  

Day/Time Location Name Leaders
Wednesdays (every other) 
7-9 pm
Bel Air & Havre de Grace Grace Scott and Holly Fitzpatrick
Wednesdays (2nd & 4th) 
6:45-8:30 pm
Arist's home in Forest Hill Lifeline Allan and Peggy Gorman
Fridays (1st & 3rd) 
7-9 pm
Rotates Being Transformed Paul and Darlene Stutelberg

Home Group Ministry Leader:
Holly Fitzpatrick
Upcoming Home Group Gatherings
22 JAN 2020
22 JAN 2020
05 FEB 2020
07 FEB 2020