Journey Outward

Steward Leader:  Paul Chan

Faith was never meant to be a solo practice alone.  In the Bible, believers are always connected to a fellowship of faith.  Once we give ourselves over to God and begin to practice personal spiritual disciplines, God desires us to connect into His Church.  Outside of ourselves is where we find support, encouragement, opportunities to bless and serve others, and practice generosity.  We have a chance to become true difference-makers in our church and world.  This is Jesus' Great Commandment to us -- "Love the Lord your God ... and your neighbor as yourself" (Matt. 22:37-39).  We will grow as disciples by engaging in service opportunities within and outside our church community.  

The Outward Journey Ministry supports your Outward Journey by developing serving opportunities in the church, community, region, and world.  

This umbrella of the church encompasses the following ministries:

Hospitality -- Holly Fitzpatrick (leader)

Missions -- Paul Chan (leader)

Partners for Transformation -- Allan Gorman (leader)