We at Harford Community Church invite everyone who enters our doors to begin their own journey
of faith by developing an ever-closer relationship with God.
We believe that our relationship with God deepens through three fundamental disciplines. 
A balanced practice of all three are necessary to maintain a healthy relationship.
Growing our relationship with Him by developing in all the spiritual disciplines.  This is an individual, unique path towards becoming a "fully devoted follower" of Christ.  Each person who decides to follow this path at HCC will have his or her own "Discipleship Plan", supported by a Home Group, Sundays, classes and individual helpers.
Becoming "difference makers in our church and world" by serving others.  This is Jesus' Great Commandment to us -- "Love the Lord your God...and your neighbor as yourself" (Matt. 22: 37-39).  We will grow as disciples by engaging in service opportunities within and outside out church community.
In addition, there are two other areas where people within our church body can use their God given talents to glorify Him.  They are...
Using talents in art, music, technology and drama to worship the Lord.
Communicating information, balancing budgets, administrating tasks and maintaining facilities which keep our church running.