The mission is the "why" that drives what we are about as a church.  It is the broad stroke goal of our fellowship.  It is the hill we are willing to die on...
Here is ours:

"We exist to help people experience life change through Jesus Christ
so we all become fully devoted followers
and difference makers in the Church and world."

Over our years of ministry as a church, God has provided us with a prevailing question that helps us focus our mission completing efforts.  It comes from the prayer of Jesus in John 17 when he is recounting the completion of the mission that his Heavenly Father gave him to do.  As he is praying to the Father in his last earthly day, Jesus states:

4  I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do ...
6  "I have revealed you to those whom you gave me out of the world. (NIV)

Jesus' mission was to reveal God to us.  He revealed God's heart for us by coming here, God's holiness by living a perfect life, and God's love for us by dying on the cross.  Jesus has made God known to us, and he is inviting us to help make God known to others.  This is the life changing refocus of all we are, all we have, and all we do.  As we learn to follow Jesus in full devotion, he desires us to be difference makers in the Church and world, joining Jesus' mission to reveal the heart, will, love, and purposes of God to everyone, everywhere, all the time.  So, we plan and evaluate our life as a church based on this question.  

Prevailing Question:  How will God be known in us, among us, and through us?

In all we do, we hope God will be glorified and honored.  We want to become people through whom God will move in our time.  We want to know the God who works in us to conform our character to His.  We want to learn about God through our family, church, and community relationships, and we want to make God known by being a church without walls touching the world with the Good News of Jesus.

One way the Bible describes the Christian life is "a walk of faith".  We might say our faith walk involves the balance of alternate steps with our left foot (our Inward Journey) and then our right foot (our Outward Journey) moving toward God.  

Through these faith steps, we desire to have our attitudes, behaviors, and convictions transformed by being in the presence of Christ and then carrying his presence wherever we go.  We desire to become like Christ, so He can use us to transform our family, community, region, and world.  We hope to build "Kingdom minded" Christians who are willing to unite with others who believe in Christ (from all backgrounds, denominations, and theological persuasions) to pray and serve together, to see "His Kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven."

Our Values

1)  We value God’s Word
        -  God’s Word is our chief source for knowing the person, purpose and heart of God the Father. 
        -  We want to learn God’s Word so we can live a godly lifestyle from a biblical world-view.
        -  Though God’s truth never changes, our understanding and application of it is a life-long process involving constant growth and change, affected by the Holy Spirit.
2)  We value Prayer/Worship
        -  We recognize our absolute dependence on God for everything, so prayer is a must in all circumstances.  We will discern, decide, declare and do the will of God together through prayer.
        -  Enjoying the adventure of life with God, we humble ourselves through celebrative worship.  Daily experiencing God's involvement in our lives naturally results in giving Him our praise. 
3)  We value Integrity
        -  A balanced life in Christ includes being authentic/genuine, humbly admitting our faults in repentance and being dependent on God for our needs in body, mind and spirit.    
        -  We take responsibility for spiritual growth in our attitudes, behaviors and convictions knowing God’s reputation and ours are affected by our character. 
4)  We value Community
        -  Relationships determine our destiny.   We value marriage, the family and small groups as the building blocks of the community, and see them as the place where long-term life change happens. 
        -  We desire to preserve the “unity of the spirit in the bond of peace” by working through interpersonal offenses following the conflict resolution teachings of Jesus.
5)  We value Engagement
        -  We see ourselves as change agents carrying the presence of Christ at all times.
        -  We want to make a difference with our lives, investing our time, talents, resources and energy in things that transform our community and produce eternal results.  
6)  We value Unity
        -  We can more fully discern the will of God for our church, community, region and beyond through the diversity of gifts, expressions, traditions and experiences of the wider Body of Christ. 
        -  We desire to fulfill Jesus’ prayer for believers by having a catalytic ministry and a message of reconciliation to being the Church together in unity.
        -  We will put aside our differences and unify around the core gospel of Jesus, partnering to serve and pray together to see “His Kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. 
7)  We value Excellence

        -  We honor people's commitment and build up others by striving for excellence in ministry.
        -  We will strive to improve the quality of our lives and ministries, seeing everyone as important to the process.  
        -  We are attracted to innovation and creativity, with a bias towards planning for effectiveness, believing God's work deserves our very best effort.