At HCC we are convinced the Christian life is all about a real relationship with God.  It is not about an institution, a list of rules, robotic observance of rituals, or a certain method of understanding the Bible.  It is actually not about religion at all.   

Religion is about how mankind attempts to either create God in our image (Romans 1:21-25) or do things we think will make us acceptable to God (Titus 3:3-7).  Christianity is actually about what Jesus has already done for us to make us acceptable to God.  We are already made in God’s image (Genesis 1:26-27).  God wants to set us free from past patterns that have obscured His plans and purposes for us. 

We encourage you to ask God directly to open up your eyes and ears to His activity all around you.  Ask Him to lead you to truth in His Word and to someone who can help you on your journey towards faith in Christ.  It’s our guess He’s been sending you messages all along, because he already knows you quite well.  Start tuning in.  Read Psalm 139 in the Old Testament to see how David, one of Israel’s kings, wrote about how he’d come to know about God’s intimate knowledge of him.  God bless you as you seek Him.  He rewards those who do.  (Hebrews 11:6)
This site has some information about getting a relationship with God going and some great ongoing resources for your daily faith development:  Personal Relationship with God   
Here are some other great resources:
More than a Carpenter (Josh McDowell) - A short discussion of options about who Jesus is and what Jesus intended us to think about himself compared to what some make him out to be. 
Finding Faith (Brian McLaren) - A non-traditional hypothetical dialogue between someone searching for faith and someone who believes. 
Chasing Daylight (Erwin McManus) - Get active in your own life story, move forward from where you are.  Discover how God’s story and yours can connect. 
The Case for Christ (Lee Strobel) - A modern apologetic for belief in Jesus.
The Secret Message of Jesus (Brian McLaren) - A different look at Christianity and the intent of Jesus mission on earth as God’s Son. 
The Purpose Driven Life (Rick Warren) - Aimless or erroneous living sucks the life out of you.  God has placed you here for His purpose. Begin the discovery.
A Work of Heart (Reggie McNeal) - The relevance of your culture, community, calling, and other factors that influence your spiritual journey.
Evidence that Demands A Verdict (Josh McDowell) - A book of facts and reasoning about the Bible, the resurrection, and the significance of Jesus.
Mere Christianity (C.S. Lewis) - A classical Christian text about belief in Jesus.
Don't Stop Believing:  Why Living Like Jesus Is Not Enough (Michael Wittmer) - A look at what you believe and what you do and why it matters.